Tools Collection

  • Monitoring
  • Hierarchical planning
  • Hierarchical task network (HTN)
  • High level action (HLA)
  • refinement


<!-- refinements -->
Refinment({ActionName}(variable1, variable2),
Precond: {constraints}
Steps: {action list}

Monitoring and replanning in unbounded num-determinism

Execution monitoring includes action monitoring, plan monitoring.

Hierarchical Planning

hierarchical decomposition, Hierarchical task network (HTN) planning: initial plan provided only high-level description, refined by action refinements. refinement process continued until plan consists only of primitive actions.

High level action (HLA) has (at least) one refinement into a sequence of actions. If they’re all primitive, then that’s an implementation of the HLA.

High-level Plans (HLP) are a sequence of HLAs. A HLP achieves the goal from an initial state if at least one of its implementations does this. Not all implementations of an HLP have to reach the goal state!

Search for a valid HLP

breadth-first search refinement list.


quantify uncertainty, degree of belief, degrees of tru[th.

decision theory, probability theory + utility theory.

maximum expected utility (expected value)

nothing special, all ideas has been discussed in logic class.