Project Name: GO PRO BRO
Planning Book Version: v0.1


Today, undergraduate students are looking for opportunities to gain the experience of research. But some of them may head to the public, and start a summer school, which is too expensive for undergraduate students, and not fair for those suffer in poverty. Besides, things like summer school is for student in high or middle school who have a strong willing to start their research career but don’t have someone can help or teach them. We, as an undergraduate students, are in the environment full of researchers and people who can guide us smoothly into the filed of research. Why bother go and looking for such costly research experience?

In the other hand, postgraduate student are the key human resource tackling world-class challenge. However some of them stuck in the most boring repetitive tasks, for example abbreviation. It can be an advantage for postgraduate researchers get rid of lower level works and keep focusing on the most creative work.


We provide a platform and a set of rules to undergraduate student and postgraduate student. The postgraduate students can follow the rules to release suitable research topics, for example the subtask of their future research. On the other hand the undergraduate student can apply for the research topics following the rules to produce something, like short paper published to, to acquire a proof of works.


  1. A public google drive / GitHub organization, for topic publishing and applying.
  2. The core management team, up to 5 people, who familiar with all workflow.
  3. A group of enthusiasts, up to 10 people, willing to help peers about following rules.
  4. The rule and help doc for people joining us.

Task specification

  1. Anyone join our group will need an online matriculation. In the matriculation, students will be informed about the rules, link of the public google drive and people who can provide help.
  2. Post graduate release the research topic and the background knowledge required for the topic. Undergraduate looking for the topic they like, leaving their e-mail and start work out the research topic.
  3. Each topic can have more than one people work on it, and each people can only take care of one topic by him/her self.
  4. The final work will publish to and each participants are required to publish at least one of their work.
  5. To ensure the quality of work, we will ask putting the link of publication to the google drive (doc), and ask advise from the topic publisher for future modification.

Goal or achievement

  1. Each topic will have more than one final reports from different participants.
  2. Each undergraduate participants will acquire the basic research skills, for example the ability to procure the well formatted document, and get the proof of their work.

Contact details

Name: Haobo Yang, Group Leader
Email:, subject: [PAR Group]