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Meaning of robot

Origin of the Term: The word “robot” was introduced to the public by Czech (捷克共和国) writer Karel Čapek (卡雷尔·恰佩克) in his science-fiction play R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots) in 1920. In Czech language, “robota” means “labour” or “work”.
Rossum's Universal Robots

Original purpose of robots: automatic/autonomous labour that frees humans from tedious jobs

Use cases of robot

People fear

Dangerous: exploration, chemical spill cleanup, disarming bombs, disaster cleanup.

People tired

Boring or repetitive: cleaning, welding car frames, part pick and chores.

People unable

High precision or high speed: Electronics testing, Surgery, precision machining.

Basic components of a Robot

To “see” the world

Sensory components: Acquisition of information.

To “response” or taking action

Actuator and effector: Realization of actions and behaviour.

To “understand” the environment

Information processing and control: Processing of sensory signals, memory, planning and evaluation.

To be “well-prepared” for future

Accessory components: battery, interface, communication modules etc.

Ethical Issues of robotics

For general public, we have

Trust and safety: The extent to which a robot is deemed safe and trustworthy is important to the user’s intention to use the technology.

For the owner of robot, we have

Responsibility: A robot’s responsibility for its actions is important for the user’s intention to use the technology.

For ourself, we have

Privacy and data protection: How to protect humans from the misuse of robotics?

For society, we have

Human worker replacement: If a robot takes a worker’s job, the firm should retrain its employee for a new occupation.

Smaller Topics

Level of driving automation: What is an Autonomous Car?
Level of driving automation

7 challenges in robotics: Are you aware of these 7 challenges in robotics?

More players join the game:
The ecosystem of autonomous vehicles is now highly complex and involves multiple parties in different sectors including governments.

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